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Snob or Slob: Michael Kors Darrington Tote


Here’s your first look at Michael Kors’ signature bag for Resort 2011. At a preview of the designer’s resort collection on Friday, I was told that this tote–the Darrington large shoulder tote–will be featured in the Michael Kors resort campaign due out later this year. What do you think? It’ll be available in canvas, shiny calf and metallic suede when it arrives in stores around November. At first glance the word “utilitarian” comes to mind. It’s surprisingly lightweight and very roomy and pocket-filled. The long strap continues as a big trend and this one can be worn on one shoulder or across the body. The silver accents on the leather strips is a chic touch; I appreciate that there’s not too much metal. Kors’ resort collection was all about “Destination”–from the tropics to the mountains to the big city. Kors clearly has designed a bag that encapsulates that mantra. Now will you shell out the money for this bag?

$995, available to pre-order at Michael Kors boutiques



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  1. SNOB!!! It’s a great-looking bag and I like that you say it’s lightweight. I am tired of shopping for bags and finding them weighing a ton before you even put your stuff in them. The option to either hand-carry or shoulder strap is good as well. Love the color of this one.

  2. I can’t say I have ever really liked an MK bag, but I actually do like this one. Also, can’t say I have ever cared for canvas bags, but I think I would prefer this in the canvas (eventhough I haven’t seen the calf or metallic suede versions). I think this would make a great everyday bag and I am going to keep it on my radar. If the $995 price tag is for the canvas version, I think that is a little ridiculous…

  3. This is truly the first MK I’ve liked. It’s pretty hip. All of the other bags I’ve come across by MK have been too heavy-handed with the hardware, logo, with unoriginal structure and a hefty price tag. I love the color of the leather and the rectangular shape of the metal accents. Still, I doubt I would consider purchasing it unless it went on sale.

  4. yes!! MK’s designer line is inconsistent, but when he gets it right, the hit bags make up for the misses. I can’t wait to see this IRL (did you say metallic suede? I’m intrigued!)

  5. am I the only SLOB?! cheap looking, sloppy and tacky, I can’t imagine anyone chic carrying this bag. maybe if you took away those silly front straps and lame side pockets (useful but ugly) it might make it to being OK.

  6. SNOB!!! LOOOOVE. I picked up the Darrington Tote (ONLY $695!!!) in distressed leather (a great unisex version). I saw this one in distressed leather as well at the new MK in Santa Monica. out of this world!!

  7. I have such crappy taste. But I love my tacky Betsey Johnsons and Guess bags. This bag is garbage, Gues and BJ bags are betta! >:)