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Alexander Wang Angela Small Pouchette


Having a back injury is making me very selective when choosing my bags each day. I have to make sure I carry something lightweight yet large enough to hold at least my wallet, keys and cell. As I (painfully) discovered, one should not carry a cross body bag stuffed full of things when one has a pinched L5 nerve– a better option is a small hand held bag that won’t tempt you to throw everything but the sink in there (an even better option is a small fanny pack but let’s not even go there!).  I’m digging the Angela small pouchette from Alexander Wang, the round cylinder shape is tres adorable and the soft pebbly leather gives it just enough slouch.   And honestly, 8″x8″ is plenty for my needs–  I know we all think we need to carry our lives in our oversized bags in order to survive but if you limit yourself, you’d be surprised at how little you can do with out.  

Alexander Wang Angela Small Pouchette for $650



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  1. You are so right , Tina. The big bags plus the 5 inch heels equals orthopedic problems in the future. Coco Chanel had a demanding job, but didn’t go around with a small suitcase, like most of us do now. I hope your back improves with time.

  2. That’s why I carry medium bags. I was bummed for so long when I went into stores, and most of the bags were the size of suitcases. I have scoliosis so carrying big bag was not an option.

    With regards to this bag, I like this one better than the other Wang bag with the studs at the the bottom. That bag was heavy empty! My whole problem with Wang bags are that they don’t look good after you put your stuff in them. They hang funny.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Tina!

    As for the bag, I really like the shape but I am not so keen on the colour, a darker shade would have been a lot better. xoxo

  4. I really like the shape also – reminds me of the little Louis speedy – unfortunately with that color, it’s too similar to LV, but doesn’t bring the same…oomph. Needs stronger colors!

  5. After carrying a hobo for several days (a bag, that is–not an actual hobo–although it felt like one on my back!) I was reminded of why I switched over to carrying smaller handbags on my arm last year. The only shoulder bag I don’t “feel” is my Marc Jacobs ‘Lisa’ hobo. I can carry that girl for days. She’s light as a feather regardless of how much is inside. I like the style of Alexander Wang’s ‘Angela’ but I agree with Lina about the color. I also prefer a larger opening (I have ginormous hands 🙂 Hope you’re ‘back’ to feeling better soon!