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Beauty Disaster: Murad Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish

UPDATE: I just arrived in Taiwan and saw several emails from the Murad PR team responding to my email about my reaction to the product. They offered to have a skin care specialist call me immediately but unfortunately I was on a flight to LA and then Asia so I did not have the opportunity to speak with them. Very impressed they responded that quickly and offered assistance.


A few days ago I reviewed the Murad Eye Lift Illuminator and sang its praises– I love how it’s performed on my skin and I was excited to try the Skin Perfecting Primer so I pulled it out Wednesday night before a dinner party with friends thinking it’d give me a fabulous dewy glow. Well, the dewy finish I got at first but by the time our entrees were served, my face was covered in an unsightly bumpy rash! I had a severe allergic reaction to this product and noticed it when I went to the restroom. I could see an unevenness to my skin and asked my girlfriend if she could as well. We went out to the natural light and sure enough, I was a mess. Now in the last 4 years of beauty blogging I have tried almost everything and have only had a reaction like this to a couple of products. This is really surprising as I do not have sensitive skin and you can pretty much pour the strongest solution of glycolic acid on my face and I’d be fine. I’m really upset because I am leaving for a month long trip today and do not want to land in Taiwan (the land of flawless skin) looking like a monster!

I will never try a new product on my face again without testing it on my arm first (or maybe I should stop reviewing new products on my face altogether?!). Has anyone tried this? I know Murad has been around for a while so I’m hoping you can share if you’ve had any disasters with the line. Murad Skin Perfecting Primer (try at your own risk!) $35



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  1. That’s so scary Tina! I would freak out! hmm..making me think I shouldn’t be so casual about what I try out since I actually do have very sensitive, light skin. That said I’ve only tried the Clarifying Spray from Murad and absolutely swear by it for a quick spritz to prevent body breakouts when I don’t have time to shower right away..I don’t think I’ll risk trying their face products now though!

  2. Thanks for the warning…what a nightmare that sounds like! It seems like as I get older I have reactions to things in skincare like sodium lauryl sulphate – which is even in Kinerase’s “gentle” face wash. I had to stop using this when I can avoid it. It’s in everything from toothpaste to hand soap to shower gel.

    I do wonder what is in Murad’s primer, although I am suspicious of primers in the first place. I also have a bad habit of getting bored with products and switching to new skincare items probably way too often.