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Bond No. 9 Cooper Square & Washington Square Fragrances


July 4th holiday or not, I’m looking forward to fall. Why? That’s when niche fragrance perfumer Laurice Rahme, whose Bond No. 9 company is known for its scents named after New York neighborhoods, will roll out its two newest fragrances, Cooper Square, a men’s scent, and Washington Square, a women’s scent.

Debuting September 1, Cooper Square, Bond No. 9’s first masculine scent since the 2004 launch of Wall Street, is technically a unisex scent but with “masculine tendencies.” Decidedly spicy, Cooper Square boasts notes of cognac and juniper berry and features lavender, myrrh, olibanum and patchouli at its heart and dries down into notes of cashmere wood, musk, vetiver, ciste labdanum and timber wood. “It’s a fragrance with a lot of kick,” said Rahme. The bottle, meanwhile, is metallic chrome and inspired by the neighborhood’s new architecture.

To complement Cooper Square, Washington Square launches November 1 to time with the planned reopening of the park itself (Rahme worked with the City Parks Department). Conjuring up images of kids dancing, chess playing and enjoying music, a vignette of such a scene–including the arch at the south end of Fifth Avenue–was emblazoned on the bottle, with a sepia effect to represent dusk. It’s the first time people have been featured on a Bond No. 9 bottle. Washington Square features top notes of Italian bergamot, geranium and tarragon; middle notes of purple rose and honey, and a base of vintage amber, a leather accord, vetiver and musk.

Both scents will be offered in a 3.4-oz. version for $230 and a 1.7-oz. bottle for $150.



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