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Eating RAW for Beautiful Hair


Eating well contributes to overall better health, but can we eat our way to healthier hair? I’ll let you be the judge..

Our hair, skin and nails are at the bottom of the body’s food chain. The inner body (so to speak) takes and uses all the vitamins and minerals we consume, first. Whatever’s left goes to our hair skin and nails, which is why, in my opinion, getting the most out of the foods we eat is so important. How do we get the most out of the foods we eat? By not cooking all the nutrients out of them. Here are some foods that are especially good for the health and beauty of one of our most prized outer body possessions, our hair. (JUMP FOR MORE!)

Most fruits and vegetables contain sulphur which is beneficial to healthy scalp and hair because it helps in maintaining the hair’s structure. Wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts, brussel sprouts, celery, radish, and my favorite, asparagus. Nutrients in RAW foods such as dark leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard are great sources of vitamins C and A. Our bodies use these vitamins to create sebum which is the oily (conditioner like) substance in our hair follicles, for that wonderful and highly sought after shine. Nuts, seeds and foods containing sulphur have also proven beneficial for healthier, younger looking hair. Nuts such as brazil nuts, almonds, cashews and walnuts contain selenium and zinc. Selenium is an amazing mineral that’s great for your scalp, which contributes to luxurious thick and shiny locks. Zinc also helps with hair loss, something we ladies definitely want to avoid!

Fish oils and omegas from salmon and flax seeds are a good source of protein and plays a vital role in supporting a healthy scalp. Dry scalp and dull looking hair is usually a result of an Omega 3 deficiency. Along with a lot of leafy greens (because I love them!) I also take a supplement to get the good oils I need that I may not get enough of, called Udo’s Oil. It’s a great blend of good fatty acids and also tastes great as an ingredient in salad dressings.

Here’s a recipe for my salad dressing. My friends seem to love it 🙂

– extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil (a little less than 1/4 cup)

– lemon (1/3 cut and squeezed) add more if you like it more on the tangy side

– Nama unfiltered shoyu or Bragg’s liquid amino’s (about 1/4 cup)

– udo’s oil (1 tablespoon)

– black truffle oil (small dash as it is very pungent, a very little amount goes a long way) or cold pressed garlic spray (5 or 6 sprays)

– sea salt and pepper (to taste)

Directions: in a small bowl add all ingredients and stir well with a small spoon or shake in a salad dressing bottle. Taste, and add more of any ingredient until you get the flavor you like best. This should make enough for 4 or 5 big salads. Pour dressing on individually or toss with mixed greens in a big bowl.


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  1. Hi — I NEVER comment on any blog but I was just glad someone took the right approach to real beauty — eating right. Thank you! I hope to see more of this in the blogosphere!