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Frugal Snob Picks for Under $100 at Endless


We have always said being a Bag Snob does not necessarily mean you have to spend your entire salary on one bag to qualify as one. It’s about being savvy and having good taste and buying the best bag you can afford. Our Frugal Snob picks are anything under $1000 but we have been criticized that spending anything close to $1000 should NOT quality as “Frugal”, so I set myself out on a mission to find fabulous bags under $100. And you will be pleasantly surprised by how Snob Worthy my finds are. I focused on bags found on Endless because I like their shipping and return policy and they really do have an endless selection.

I absolutely adore the BIG BUDDHA Sadie Hobo, it has the in trend perforated trim and a modern hobo shape.  $85, synthetic material.

The Nine West Vintage America Sousxie Hobo ($110.25) is a more structure hobo with interesting strap detailing and a cute little detachable coin purse.  Comes with a cross body strap, too.  Best of all, it’s leather!


Strictly a summer clutch, but the Magid Wicker Stone Clutch in navy with the jewel embellishment will be a staple every year.  It has a great bean shape for day or night wear.  Comes with a shoulder strap, but I would leave that alone.  Only $53!

The “Chocolate” Sandlin Shoulder Bag with the zipper detailing is right on the money this.  It’s an easy shape with double shoulder straps and full of spunk.  For $83, synthetic material.


I normally won’t push faux exotic but this Calvin Klein Python Oxford Clutch is so well made and refined with the meticulous metal frame and sleek shape, I am finding this not only acceptable but totally amazing.  In stamped leather for $82.60.

The only thing Jessica Simpson has ever done right is sign with the licensing company designing and producing her namesake line.  This Jessica Simpson Escape Satchel is really fantastic, the cut out shape allows for easy wear and the seam details are subtle and sophisticated.  In synthetic material for $88.


You know I’m all about the grommets!  This Chinese Laundry Emma Bucket does it perfectly and in purple to boot!  For a trendy bag, nothing wrong with getting an inspired look for 15% of what you would pay for say, Bottega Veneta.  In synthetic material for $58.85.

The contrasting nudes make this the ultimate summer bag.  The Christopher Kon Deux Jacinda Tote has zipper features that unzip for additional pockets.  Synthetic, for $68.60.


This funky shape of the Liz

Claiborne Jet Setter Satchel is a great twist on the traditional doctor bag.  I really like the buckles on the oversized outer pocket.  Wear it with the shorter strap or attach the shoulder strap as an additional option.  Synthetic, for $95.

The Rampage Logan Cross-Body may be more knockoff than inspired, but for a short lived trend, this is the better way to go.  Everyone is going cross body but the overly adorned buckles look may fall by the way side before you pay off your credit card bill.  Why not pay $68.60 instead?  In synthetic materials.



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  1. Kelly-thank you for recognizing that we cannot all afford the bags that you and Tina buy. And that there really are viable alternatives out there. It seems like a lot of moderately priced vendors have upped their style and quality ante and are actually making decent looking bags. Please keep telling us about bags at this price point.

  2. Very nice post! I’m thinking for back to school (I’m in university but any excuse to go shopping right?!?).. I need a big bag to carry big books around campus! I think the Sandlin one would do the job for a semester or two!

  3. As someone who’s looking for great deals for a living and is a longtime Bag Snob reader, it’s really refreshing to see nice bags at a much more affordable price than you usually feature. Thank you!

  4. Wow, these bags are very good-looking, but somewhat mature, I belong to compare the short stature, look more lovely, so that the bag won’t back. But like very much, can collect.

  5. Thanks for this post. As beautiful as designer bags are, there are also lots of nice options for people on a tighter budget. Liz Claiborne and Nine West are great choices and I would also recommend Fossil and the SAK, who both make nice leather bags at good prices.