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InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Styler


I woke up last Sunday morning to my boy sitting on my bed flipping channels, he came upon an infomercial for the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron and stopped (he’s obsessed with infomercials and has memorized many! He once came up to me, touched my legs and said “mama, have you tried Smooth Away that leaves your skin so soft?”). Seriously, when did a 5 year boy old become such a beauty snob (apple does not fall far…)?! As we watched the infomercial, I ooohed and ahhhed and dialed immediately to take advantage of the “very special one time special offer” (yeah right).

I should mention that I HATE talking on the phone (I’m a text and email person), especially to salespeople so after answering what felt like 200 excruciating questions, I was finally the proud owner of not just ONE but TWO InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Stylers for a “risk free” trial price of ONLY $14.95 plus shipping! If I am satisfied with the product, I will be billed ONLY 3 payments of $39.95 plus tax. However, I can’t tell you if this works yet because shipping will take 4-6 WEEKS. Yes, you read correctly 4-6 WEEKS– in this instant gratification day and age, who has time to wait that long? I’ll be on to something new by then! Has anyone tried this? I’ve heard really good things about it from several twitter followers but would love to hear your thoughts.

InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Styler for $89.99



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  1. I have one and I really like it. It does take a little practice, though. I got mine at Ulta. If there’s one near you, you can pick one up and get that “instant gratification”. 😉

  2. The Instyler saved me. I have super thick, coarse hair and it makes it sleek and shiny with much less effort than a blowdryer (I’m not very skilled with those anyway). Just be sure to use it on small sections of the hair (I got frustrated at first when I tried to do it quickly on large pieces). Super great to straighten and then curl the ends.

  3. Sorry you went through hell and I hate to tell you this but…they sell them all over. I’ve seen em at Bed Bath and Beyond and I’m sure Sally’s carries them. Or I’ve seen them on Amazon for just one for much cheaper.

    Hope it works, I was interested in it too.