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Leitmotiv for Furla Talent Hub Collection


Let’s hope the other exciting developments to come surrounding this September’s shopping extravaganza, Fashion’s Night Out, is a lot more riveting. Furla plans to launch its new “Leitmovitv for Furla Talent Hub” collection on September 10. The fairy-tale inspired collection is not the brand’s first foray into this magical world; the label last year introduced pieces with a “Alice in Wonderland” theme, creating several printed images depicting Dorothy clearly donning her staple red shoes, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Wizard surrounded by oversize colorful flower patterns.

As for this collection? Clutch bags, classic totes, soft shoppers, backpacks and an anorak that can be folded into a pouch are among the offerings. They’re made of canvas treated with a special waxing process that makes them polished and waterproof. If that’s not enough overstimulation for you, Furla is also introducing matching small accessories such as umbrellas and gumboots featuring allover or placement prints. Oy vey!

Retail prices for bags range from $245 to $345



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  1. Wait… the last collection was an “Alice in Wonderland” theme or “Wizard of Oz?” Either way, I’m sure it was atrocious if this season’s bag is any indicator.

  2. Tin Man, Scare Crow, and Dorothy are all apart of the Wizard of Oz.

    Anyway, I like the bag. But of course, I am a teacher so this appeals to my love of fairy tale. Most of the time with bags like these, you don’t see that detail while walking around in your everyday life. It would more than likely end up looking like a tatoo bag.

  3. I absolutely love this collection, very unusual, a bit funky, whimsical and surreal also some cool retro styles. Great evening bags in my opinion if you are looking for something different that you will get noticed with in a crowd. I am getting the Oz Gazing Ball in the niteprint, which is chocolate colored, a bit more “muted” than the blue. The blue really is something too,wondering if a bit too much even for me but I love some of the styles in the blue as well,love the figurines on it, the owl, etc.