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Louboutin Clou Noeud Studded Slingbacks


Very few things stop me in my tracks (Pause, yes. Dead stop, no) but when I saw Louboutin’s new Clou Noeud last Sunday I not only stopped, I got whip lash from doing a double take in mid stride!  I stood there for a full minute without breathing; I mean…  BOWS. STUDS. 6″ HEELS.  What, did he custom make this shoe for me?  It has all of my favorite shoe elements wrapped up in a big bow (literally)!  My mind became clouded and I completely forgot the soap dispenser I went to Neiman Marcus to pick up (which it turns out, they do not carry with the exception of a

ridiculously expensive one from Jay Strongwater).  I circled the shoes for a few minutes, relishing in the excitement of the discovery and just when I was about to try them on, my cellphone rang and snapped me out of my trance.  Oh right, I was there for a soap dispenser…  It took every ounce of discipline to walk away but I did.  A week later, I’m still longing for them but I can’t find my size in the Nude patent version.  AAAghhhhhh, I know better than to walk away from a fab find but all this packing/moving/unpacking, buying furniture, shop-a-holic guilt and other nonsense clouded my better judgment.  I’m just hoping my SA at Bergdorfs can hustle up a pair for me. 

Louboutin Clou Noeud Studded Slingbacks in black at for $1,195



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  1. Soap dispenser at Neiman Marcus??? Lol you crack me up Tina! These must be sold out already… stunning! Nice post!

  2. I figured Horchow has them, why not Neimans?! Lol

    mostly it was an excuse to get out of the house and shop, I think 😉

  3. I love the shoes as well, but I was at Saks and Neiman’s on yesterday. I didn’t even think about looking for them. I’ll try next time. I live in Houston so they may be there.