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Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais Speedy


The iconic Speedy has had many incarnations since Marc Jacobs came on board as creative director, and while I may not have loved all of them, I do find the fall edition intriguing. It’s from the Fleur de Jais collection of runway bags and is the bag with the longest waist list at my local Louis Vuitton shop. Look closely: the fa├žade is the traditional Monogram, but it’s then silkscreened in gray and then embroidered with sequins in a somewhat abstract motif. Like with its sister bags, this Speedy is only available in the 30 cm size but does come with a proper leather-encased key holder you only find on larger bags. I’d definitely get it–and then store it in its box and admire for years to come!

$2,250, available at select Louis Vuitton boutiques (866-VUITTON)



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  1. It’s so innovative!!!! When I first looked at it I thought it was the patent leather, but then taking a closer look its so FUNKY!!! It’s AWwWwDORABLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t buy this, only because I couldn’t look after sequins if my life depended on it. But I like the design.

  3. I am a total purse whore… but have never fallenin love with an LV until THIS one…. I could never get excited about advertising the same ol brown and bag dated print, but something about this speedy bag… its hip, current and gorgeous… I’ll not use it like many of my other “good” purses, but definitely want it in my collection. I just ordered it~!~

  4. go to the store dont waste ur money and pictures of it may make it look real but in person i bet you’ll see what u bought is fake and they most likely won’t let u return it .its a big risk you shouldnt take.

  5. I brought this bag 6 months ago i use it every day and it is amazing i love it to death, i have had it checked by louis vuitton in melbourne and that was fine but never had a problem. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  6. I bought the bag early this year n am so so so happy that I splurge that amount of cash for this awesome bag…I highly recommend it