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Marni Goat Hair Leather Bag


Great way to ruin the perfect run of a Snob Worthy season, this old wig (a.k.a. bag) is offensive enough to negate all the lusty must haves for Marni. It’s downright creepy – why would you want to carry Cousin It around with you? Maybe for the hair fetish neurotic who can stroke the locks all day. *Shiver*. I would be so scared to have this in my house, I thought my daughter’s Barbie beauty head was terrifying, this is like horror movie material. Can you image waking up to this decapitated head? And in the humid heat of summer, would it start to smell? What about tangles? Does it require regular conditioning treatments? I’m obviously spending way too much time thinking about a bag that nobody will EVER subject themselves to. At Net-a-Porter for $1500.



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  1. It reminds me of those scary girls in white cloaks in Japanese horror movies with black waist length hair. Maybe it came straight off of the set of The Ring.

  2. No, no, no. This bag is so wrong, and I am a lover of fur. It needs a haircut.

    Maybe you can use horse and mane shampoo and conditioner to clean it. Then, I suggest air drying. A Chi would give it a nice little curl.

    (shakes head/roll eyes)

  3. Kelly, this made me LOL! It reminded me of cousin IT from the adams family. This is just shows that there are too many bag designers out there now and they are just coming up with junk (and expensive junk at that).