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Natura Bisse Glyco Skin Exfoliating Gel


Soft and perfect skin – on your feet! I swear there is no product like this on the market, I don’t care what kind of paraffin or other treatments they offer when you get a pedicure, the Glyco Skin works miracles. After one treatment, you will see a total transformation and with regular use, you will have feet like a baby’s. Also works for other parts of your body like hands and rough elbows but the feet is the most dramatic since it is usually is the biggest disaster on your body. I get settled in front of the TV and wrap my feet in cellophane wrap after applying liberally, if I need to walk around I’ll put socks on over that but you must be careful. I keep it on for 15 minutes and the results are truly remarkable. Apply a heavy cream afterward and if you want to be really serious, use a pumice stone of similar exfoliating product the day after to totally rid of the dead skin. I got my whole family addicted to this – not to be mean but my mom has really nasty cracked feet and after one use, they look like 10 layers of skin have come off. She immediately asked me to get her a dozen of these. I reassured her they will continue to carry this product but she does not want to take the risk. It might sound pricey but trust me, it is SO worth it. Also prevents ingrown hairs and bacterial growth. At Natura Bisse for $88.



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  1. Hate to rip off RZ, but “I die.” If the NB SA suggested this when she called the other day, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. I must have it. TODAY!

  2. Kelly,

    Can u recommend any NB products for someone like me who has combination skin? Right now though it’s more like dull I have to admit. I’m looking for something that would brighten up my skin yet won’t cause me to breakout. I’ve tried A LOT of line but haven’t found my Holy Grail. Thanks.

  3. I tried the glyco peel (which I have at home) to see if this would work on my feet. It didn’t. It was worth a try. I will call Barneys and order. Must have.