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POP Beauty

POPBeauty is a frilly, feminine, UK brand that caught my eye with their vibrant nail polish shades. I never thought I’d be one to wear green nail polish, but out of all the shades “Grass” ($10) was the one that caught my eye – and it’s pretty amazing! Not only because it’s an unexpected color, but because the polish applies opaque, without streaks, and even after 4 days of wear it hasn’t chipped. Most of my polishes are essie and while I love them, they usually chip after 1-2 days. There’s definitely been a trend to be more daring with polishes shades these last few seasons and POPBeauty offers some great shades (especially in the blue and green color families).

Also worth mentioning is POPBeauty’s Petal Jams ($14). The “lip jams” come packaged in super cute mini jam jars and are formulated with avocado and jojoba oils to moisturize lips. While they look like they would impart color, they apply sheer and actually taste good in a not super-artificial way. The only downfall to the packaging is that you have to stick your finger in the jar to apply it and maybe it’s just me, but every time I use this I get a massive craving for gummy bears!


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