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Shobha’s New Brow Pencil

Shobha is known for expert brow threading and waxing, so it makes sense that they would add an eye brow pencil ($16) to their line-up of products. I was sent a sample of the above pencil and it was good timing because I recently had my hair highlighted, but didn’t have time to get my brows lightened. I have another week before I’m scheduled to pop-in for my brow touch-up, so while I wait I’ve been using the eye brow pencil for blondes to lighten up my brows. The pencil has a sharpener built-into the cap for convenience and the eco-friendly box is made of stone (versus trees), and unfolds to reveal hidden info including brow anatomy, trivia, and application tips. The bright orange color also makes it easy to spot this pencil in my mess of eye liners!


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