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Spa Chakra

Spa Chakra is a luxury spa that has a few location in select cities around the world including San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Gstaad in Switzerland. I recently went to the Fifth Avenue location for a 60 minute massage ($225) that mixed Deep Tissue with Swedish. If you’re in NYC I would highly recommend going to see Chris Minehan. I don’t usually opt for male masseuses, but I forgot to specify that I wanted a woman and Chris was so friendly I didn’t want to say I rather go with someone else!  Turned out it was for the better. I always find massages to be relaxing (big surprise!), but few actually manage to rid me of pain beyond the day I receive the treatment. I have too many knots in my back and legs to get out in one 60 minute session (and the process is too painful!), but Chris was able to get rid of a good number of them with minimal pain. June Jacobs products were used throughout and I left the spa feeling like my skin was soft as a baby’s bottom! Aside from massages, Spa Chakra’s Age-Defying Facial is supposed to be amazing! The facilities – which include a rooftop lounge – are also very relaxing and you could easily dwindle hours in Spa Chakra’s relaxation and steam rooms. 


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