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Zoku Quick Pop Maker


It’s always now now now. Well, not that you should give in to that but sometimes you just didn’t plan ahead. Like make your own Popsicles before the playdate! This Zoku pop maker freezes any liquid you put in there in just 7 minutes. Well, of course, you need to keep the base in the freezer ahead of time but as long as you store it in the freezer at all times, you can make and eat healthy-ish iced treats in no time at all. Each freeze can make 3 sets of pops, so that’s 9 total. If you use fruit, it is recommended that you freeze those ahead of time, or you can just use frozen fruit. There is a quick release to make sure you get them out of the mold without struggling. Exclusively at Williams Sonoma for $49.95.


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  1. I need this! It’s fun, quick, easy, and a way healthier treat than having ice cream all the time! Also, a great gift.

  2. My SIL has this for my nieces and nephew, and they love it! Each of the tots loves to personalize his or her own pop.