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Bobbi Brown Highlighter Pen


I just threw out every single highlighting product in my make up drawer (YSL Touche Eclat included, or especially YSL I should say since it invariably stinks after two weeks of use!) because I have found the big daddy of all Highlighter Pens from Bobbi Brown. And when I say big, I mean HUGE. This pen won’t risk running out anytime soon, it’s the size of a banana (I’m exaggerating but it’s definitely a good size so it will last a long time!).  Even with my jet lag I had the most amazing luminous skin the entire month in Asia.  Now that I’m home with jet lag yet again I’m relying on my highlighter pen to get me through the day without looking as haggard as I feel.  There are three shades but I prefer the Opal, it gives a natural sheer glow, as if you’re 25 years old again.  The light deflecting particles also take attention away from any lines you may have.  This will be the best product you buy this season! 

Bobbi Brown Highlighter Pen for $32

BEAUTY SNOB TIP: (Three ways to use)
1. Blend with your foundation before applying.  This makes a lightweight tinted coverage for daily use.

2. Apply all over face (avoiding T-zone) BEFORE your foundation.  This gives a really pretty glow (NOT recommended for photo sessions) for the beach or going out at night.

3. (BEST) After applying foundation but before using powder or blush, apply along top of cheek bones.  This is the most natural and beautiful glow you’ll ever get!



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  1. I bought the YSL Touche Eclat and used it for a few days… then i smelt the weirdness. I didn’t let it touch my face again!!!

  2. I have used touche eclat for years and have never noticed that it had a smell to it. I have been reading about others saying this, is this just the newer version of the product?