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Kim K Christian Louboutin Loubistuds Studded Leather Clutch

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Christian Louboutin bags have never been on the top of my lust list. For the most part I find them either too simple for their price or just plain tacky like the Christian Louboutin Loubistuds Studded Leather Clutch ($1,395) that Kim Kardashian is toting above. Why do they keep coming out with iterations of this clutch? I know they can do better (this ruffle clutch isn’t bad!). It’s not even the studs that I find bothersome it’s the kitschy-ness of that double shoe logo!

What do you think of this Loubie clutch? Snob or Slob?

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2 thoughts on “Kim K Christian Louboutin Loubistuds Studded Leather Clutch”

  1. I don’t like this. The shoe clasp seems too much the focal point here, like shoes sitting on stage. I like the ruffly sequin clutch better (have it!), where the shoes are there, but not so “in your face.” I bought it a few months into the season, and the sales assoc. hadn’t even noticed the shoes before I showed her.


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