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Dara Ettinger Gemstone Jewelry


I discovered Dara Ettinger’s gemstone jewelry when a friend from Los Angeles gifted me one of the designer’s beautiful rings on one of his recent visits to NYC. There’s a raw, bohemian quality to the LA-based designer’s work that makes it impossible for you to wear anything from her collection without drawing attention (the good kind, of course!). 

Ettinger graduated from the Parsons School of Design and worked in apparel design at Polo Ralph Lauren, Cynthia Steffe, and Michael Kors before starting her jewelry line. She only works with natural, raw, semi-precious, and precious stones and luxurious metals and her materials come from all over the world.

Most of Ettinger’s pieces retail for between $100 and $450. For more information call 310.474.3272 or email

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