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Fallon Cuffs


A few weeks ago I went to an event at the Fenton/Fallon store where I was able to make a necklace with the help of designer Dana Lorenz. Almost immediately when I got home I went online to buy a few cuffs to complement the necklace I created. I got two cuffs on sale – my favorite of which, the tomb cuff on the far left, is unfortunately now sold out (I bought it for only $88), but check-out the Fenton/Fallon store if you’re in NYC and interested in it. The other two I bought were the Patitz Bracelet (marked down to $53) and the Victoria Fair Isle Cuff ($232), all of which incorporate elements used in my necklace. If I wasn’t a Fenton/Fallon addict before, after visiting the designer’s store, I certainly am one now!

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