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Fleet Ilya Nubuck and Calf Large Caged Bucket Hobo


Wow, an S&M worthy bag for the adventurous!  Though my first instinct was to hate it– I actually find it interesting.  I mean if you can get over the fact that the harness looks like underwear, it’s a cool little bucket style bag to tote around this Fall with a pair of kick ass black leather boots.  Problem is I don’t think the nubuck will hold up well and it would be awful to have weird worn out patches in random spots.  The good news is, if it gets worn out or if you tire of it, it’ll come in handy as a squirrel feeder. 


One thought on “Fleet Ilya Nubuck and Calf Large Caged Bucket Hobo”

  1. Tina, your comments are so funny:) (s&m indeed). It would be cool if i was still a 20 year old NYU student down in the village with high leather boots, moonlighting as a dominatrix at night to pay my tuition, and this bag can go from school to my evening job:) But as a 20 year old I could never afford that bag, and as a mother of three now it’s not so practical, plus most of the nyc s&m clubs are now condos:)

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