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H.Stern x Oscar Niemeyer Collection


To do a collaborative collection for collaboration’s sake is just plain dumb. So you can imagine my fascination when H.Stern announced it had designed a collection of jewels inspired by and honoring architect Oscar Niemeyer. Now 102 years old, Niemeyer, a native of Brazil–which also happens to be where the H.Stern brand hails from is best known for his fascination with curves. What’s even more special, the collection of jewelry is based on his own sketches. They include a jewel designed by Niemeyer in a silk-screen print from the 1980s, and various others inspired by the female form, which he recorded in different designs. When I first saw the collection, I fell in love with Niemeyer’s ability to seemingly bend straight lines, “transforming curves into a natural solution for his creations.” H.Stern has gone and done the same with gold and diamonds. Rings, bracelets and earrings, meanwhile, emphasize simple lines, interspersed by empty spaces.


The H.Stern Collection by Oscar Niemeyer includes jewelry in gold and diamonds, divided into eight different lines and baptized with the names of designs, works and some famous projects. The sub-collections, with names like “Favorite Woman,” “Pampulha,” “Brasilia” and “Curves,” convey the simplicity of the outlines: loose, free and flowing.


Available at H.Stern boutiques nationwide, 1-800-7HSTERN,



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