Jessica Biel in Fendi Mia Bag


Say what you will, but I think Jessica Biel is less a fashion icon and more a woman who appreciates quality when it comes to her clothing and accessories. True, she benefits from having a fabulous stylist on speed dial, but I actually prefer the actresses’ off-the-red-carpet moments more. Take, for example, last week, she was snapped in London looking very chic and modern. The artsy-meets-constellation vibe of her dress is terrific, as is the Fendi Mia bag she’s toting. The bag is from Fendi’s Fall 2010 collection and is available in black, red, fur, leopard, and a zucca print. It’s a great city bag in that it’ll fit everything while keeping your hands free. I also love that, with the exception of an FF logo on the side, it’s free of any obvious branding. The chain detail along the dual handles is also a nice touch, adding some contrast to the otherwise all-leather bag. $1890, available at Fendi boutiques.

5 thoughts on “Jessica Biel in Fendi Mia Bag

  1. I hate you Jim. I’m gonna buy one tomorrow…

    My poor pockets :(

  2. I love love love the leather on this!

  3. I love love love the leather on this!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! I think this would be perfect for a fall bag! Love the grey leather.

  5. Beautiful! Looks like the perfect size for an everyday bag and the leather is gorgeous.

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