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Lanvin Python and Mongolian Fur Pumps


I am not known to buy sensible shoes but these are really out there, even for me!  I love Mongolian fur jackets, nothing shouts glamour puss more than a good fluffy mongolian but how is this going to work?  When I put my shoes on will the fur get stuck behind my heel?  And what about the itch factor?  They are so crazy that I think I love them!  If this was 2004 and I was buying everything in sight just for the sake of owning them and looking at them, I’d buy them.  But alas, it’s 2010 and I now buy only what I absolutely will wear so I’ll have to pass but really, outrageously fun, no?

Lanvin Python and Mongolian Pumps for $1,990



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  1. Totally! I love fur right now, especially on shoes. And these scream fun, with the shaggy plume at the heel and scaly upper. If I could afford them, I would buy them! Regardless of the impracticality 🙂