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LEGO Kids’ 2907STWDM Star Wars Darth Maul Watch


My son is obsessed with Legos and he’s crazy for anything Star Wars so this watch could be just the thing to finally interest him in learning to tell time (the real way, not digital numbers).  It’s sad that we have to bribe our kids to do what we were expected to do without rewards, like, you know– tell time!?!  At least this is not that expensive and he does have a birthday coming up so I’m definitely getting this for him.  The lego inspired strap is just too cute for words and it’s water resistant to 165 feet so he can wear this to swim, too!  I have no idea where he learned about Star Wars though.  I know nothing about Star Wars but he knows everything about it and explained to me recently that Princess Leia is not married to Luke Skywalker as I had though cuz it turns out they are siblings?!?!?!  Go figure.

LEGO Kids’ 2907STWDM Star Wars Darth Maul Watch$13.36



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  1. So last week Back-To-School shopping at the GAP… papi ALMOST had a tantrum and he never has tantrums because I would not buy him the NEON ORANGE UGLY WATCH AT THE COUNTER… so maybe when we finish the next four BOB books 🙂