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Loewe Natural Calf Papelle Tote


I’m a big fan of anything made of natural vachetta leather, so you can imagine my delight upon spying these Loewe natural calf Papelle bags! They come in three sizes–21″ ($1,018), 28″ ($1,275) and 35″ ($1,275)–and have a structured shape to them. Be forewarned, however: these bags are precious to say the least. Any spot of precipitation and the patina is scarred–unless that’s the look you like. I prefer my leather of this kind to remain flawless, which means if I bought this, it would sit in its box for years and never see the light of day. It’s cool though, right? Kind of reminds me of those Whole Foods paper shopping bags. But much more chic.

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  1. These are very cool indeed – and they are coming in a dark grey for Fall, and are being modeled in the men’s line on their website. But where in the heck can you find them in the USA? I wonder if Bergdorfs even carries this line of Loewe bags.

  2. I saw these bags featured on another site. I think that they’re cute, but Chanel did it better.

    There’s no way that I would spend this money on what I consider a ho-hum bag.

    Besides there’s not relief as it’s a true handbag. I need something that I can fit over my shoulder.

  3. The Loewes brand is carried in NY by Bergdorf’s, Jeffrey and Hirshleifers (in Manhasset), in San Francisco at the international airport, Susan San Francisco and Susan Burlingame, and as a commenter said above, in Hawaii. (all addresses and contact info is listed on the Loewes site).

    Not sure if they all are getting the bag(s), but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  4. Oh my God, not again! I liked this idea when helmut Lang did it, years ago.

    Now that shit is played out. Their obviously very proud though, offering it in three sizes.

  5. The reference to Whole Foods bags is priceless… But paying BIG BUCk$ for something that looks like a paper bag is absolutely unnerving… I’d rather spend my hard earned cash on something else