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MAWI Gold-Plated Jade and Skull Ring


The design of this ring is pure genius. I, being Chinese, equate jade with old fashion old ladies. There is definitely nothing fresh or hip about jade. But this Mawi ring with traditional looking vines over a perfect and gorgeous green hue jade topped with a skull breaks every rule in the book but the most fun way imaginable. It’s like a food fight at an uptight ladies’ luncheon. LOVE IT!! But you wouldn’t really do this to real jade because you would be breaking some sacred Chinese law (we are serious about jade and even more serious about death) so it’s even better that it’s just costume jewels here. I wonder what my mom would think if I took her jade jewelry and started adding skulls to them? Not sure I want to find out… =) MAWI Gold-Plated Jade and Skull Ring at Net-a-Porter for $340, available in 3 sizes.

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