Nina Ricci Patchwork Bag


This is the most improved collection for a bag designer in the history of the world. You know Nina Ricci, stale uninspired bags with that ridiculous horseshoe shaped ribbon smack dab in the center. Sure they borrowed heavily from Lanvin in this patchwork but there are enough differences (like the industrial hardware) to make this valid and snob worthy. Both Tina and I jumped on this (I’m actually stealing this story from her, hee hee) because there are so many things that are unexpected here. First the fact that its a Nina Ricci, as mentioned, but also because patchwork usually is a cue to steer clear but this isn’t patchwork in the traditional quilt making way, the fabric is draped in an organic fashion with raw edges making it incredibly chic and fabulous! I was a bit concerned about the chain shoulder strap but this is a tiny bag so the weight is not enough to cause any pain. The subtle Lilac works as a warmer gray for the Fall and a pretty neutral for the Spring. At Barneys New York for $1900.

4 thoughts on “Nina Ricci Patchwork Bag

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I am looking for a functional black leather bag which is good to look at as well. I am leaning towards the gucci Medium Jackie bag in black . can u give me ur opnion or any other suggestions .

  2. Is lovely, I quite like it.

    Kinda reminds me a bit of Lanvin’s Happy though..hmm~

  3. I love LV! Forecer!

  4. This bag isn’t a classic one.I still love classic LV handbags.That is real LV lovers’ choice.

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