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Pur~lisse Pur~protect spf 30 and Pur~Youth Preserve


I love this line. It was created with a specific mission in mind – to stay youthful while still putting your skin through the rigors of life. Which makes sense because we can’t stop doing what we must (drink, wear makeup, go out in the sun, etc.) and if we did, what would be the purpose of our perfect skin? So that the cat can muse over your luminescent skin while cuddling with you? I have this combination of Youth Serum and spf moisturizer which is absolutey perfect and trasnforming. First of all, the packaging for the Youth Preserve is genius! You twist the top and the pump pops out, you twist it closed and the whole thing slinks back down and lays flush with the edge. This is THE best packaging for travelers, you never need to worry about product accidentally being dispensed in your luggage. I apply the serum night and day and let me tell you, the texture is incredibly luxurious as it absorbs into your skin easily. The Pur~protect has the same texture and is light and not at all heavy or greasy. My skin slurps it up and I can feel it quench my thirsty skin. Both these products have a peptide complex and the youth preserve is full of antioxidant oils and flower extracts for health and rejuvination. Jennifer Yuen, founder of Pur~Lisse sells on QVC, as well as, Fred Segal and Henri Bendel, or online – pur~protect spf 30 is $55 and pur~youth preserve serum is $135 (totally worth it!).



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