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Smythson of Bond Street iPhone and iPad Covers


I already love Smythson and now that they are taking care of my technology needs, the love has turned to sheer obsession. The colors, the quality and the function! Everything a girl can ask for! This iPhone case is great for those like me who don’t really want a case but need one because I’m clumsy (my phone seems to fly out of the car all the time). This case keeps it safe when not in use and simply slides out when I need it. Right now, it is available in this Ruby gem Damson but for the holidays, it will also come in pink magenta. Also for the holidays is the iPad cover in either a sleeve (as shown) or zip around design (see jump page), prices range from $280-$460 depending on style. I have been searching for the perfect iPad cover since I got the iPad and I settled for a very boring (and ugly) black cover just to tie me over. Well, I know what I want for Christmas. I am ordering the zip around ruby Damson immediately!! Damson iPhone case, pre-order for $155.




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