Thomas Wylde Studded Leather Shoulder Bag


So, I guess we’re not done with studs just yet. But this one is different in that it is subtle and very feminine. I love the textured whisper gray, such an amazing color for fall (for everything not just bags!) and that line of varied size studs down the center looks like it is supposed to be there instead of just being slapped on at the last minute because studs are in. The signature Thomas Wylde skulls danging down also work seamlessly in with the overall design. The shape is totally utilitarian making this less specific (as in, only when you are in rocker garb) and more everyday. Flirty dress, sweater and jeans, business setting and wild night out – it’s that versatile. At Net-a-Porter for $1960 (yes, I do find this a bit much but you will get much wear out of this).

2 thoughts on “Thomas Wylde Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

  1. Whaaat?! THAT’S THE BEST THEY COULD COME UP WITH?! I’m sorry but this does NOT look like it’s worth $2000. The color looks great but it still doesn’t justify that price.

  2. Love the colour, but not the studs.

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