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Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera


My tot has already broken one camera. But they LOVE taking pictures so I continue to allow them to use the new one. Well, with the summer vacation happening next week, I am going to make sure they can still express themselves as well as give us the opportunity to see the world from their eyes with a camera made just for them. The case is made for impact (but I wouldn’t push it, I think it’s just good enough for dropping, not throwing!) and allows for up to 200 photos. There is a slot to add your own SD card for more memory which also ensure pictures are saved in the event anything happens to the camera. Comes with cables to hook right up to your TV which is always fun for everyone. There are 3 preschool games built right in so when they have nothing to take pictures of they can still keep busy (although they are just as happy taking pictures of feet and walls). At Amazon for $64. Great price for what it does, it takes pretty good pictures although I’m not sure why it’s called “Kidizoom” when it doesn’t actually have a zoom feature.



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