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Yves Saint Laurent Leopard Print Nylon Bowler


Oh how I wish this was printed leopard pony hair instead of nylon!! That would be the ultimate although this is pretty damn amazing anyway. This bowler style has become a classic for YSL (albeit boring) but you throw leopard print on anything these days and it becomes a whole new animal 😉 The benefit of the nylon is of course the price, weight and ease of care. The reason I’m not totally against the nylon is because the leopard print is so rich and realistic instead of the stylized orange and black spots that we are seeing most of. I hate the use the played out term but in this case it really does apply, this particular print makes this bag completely fierce. At Neiman Marcus for $1245.



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  1. kelly and tina,

    i distinctly remember you ladies doing a “how to protect your handbags” sort of post, but can’t seem to find it now for the life of me – can you point me in the right direction?

    thanks so much!

  2. I love the Easy bag style that they used and I’m a big fan of animal prints. I’m also an avid prada nylon lover but this price is still a bit steep for this bag. Maybe if it goes on sale….