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Zagliani Large ‘Puffy’ Bag in Python Skin


Now that snakeskin is fully ingrained into our lives, we are moving in to getting accustomed to natural python. This Zagliani is not just natural, it is enhanced natural – meaning that the color patterns on snakeskin is heightened. I absolutely LOVE it. The stark black and white is almost dairy cow like, giving is a hint of whimsy. But don’t mistaken this for anything other than ultra sophistication. There is just something so fresh about doing snakeskin like this, I can’t stop staring which means when you have this on your arms, others won’t be able to either. If snake has always seemed too mature for you, this is the perfect alternative. At Brown’s Fashion for $3165.

5 thoughts on “Zagliani Large ‘Puffy’ Bag in Python Skin

  1. there`s something weird about this black and white combination. I don`t like it

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I love this. It’s so interesting, and I am not usually a fan of black handbags.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    It has a great watercolor/inkblot graphic, so I can see how it could be off-putting, but I love it.

  4. Stephanie on said:

    Absolutely love this bag! Very gothie but a lady-like classic shape…

  5. alexandra on said:

    this is an amazing bag and definitely a life time investment

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