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Dermalogica’s New Ultracalming Line

Dermalogica’s new Ultracalming line is unique because it approaches problem prone-skin from a dual perspective. It’s designed to treat those who are experiencing inflamed skin because of a genetic predisposition towards sensitivity, as well as those who are experiencing problems because of environmental factors – or both. Given that all of Dermalogica’s products are researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, everything is always backed by a ton of data which is a reassuring for me. You couldn’t tell by looking at my relatively blemish-free skin, but I’ve very prone to breaking-out if I’m not careful and my skin is very irritable.

This line uses various extracts to limit the production of pro-inflammatory agents, promote the production of natural anti-inflammatory agents as well as serve as anti-irritant and anti-redness products.

I took their 5-piece treatment kit to San Fran on a recent trip and it’s a great introduction to the line. The collection includes a cleanser, mist, mask, serum, and barrier

repair. They work best in unison, though I only used the Relief Masque and the Mist once, so if you’re looking to skimp I would suggest leaving those two out. The Ultracalming

Cleanser is awesome. My brother who is going through some serious stress-induced break-outs used it and it has helped with his redness. My fave though is the Barrier Repair – it’s a no-nonsense waterless moisturizer! 

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