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Ashley Greene in Zadig & Voltaire


I’ve always found that when I go to Paris or shopping with my French friends, they are much more conscious about the quality of what they are buying than my American friends. They tend to not impulsively buy absurdly uncomfortable things, but rather think about the material, the seams, the craftsmanship, where something was made, and how often and where they would be able to wear it. Given this, I’m consistently surprised at how well Zadig & Voltaire does! There are ton of Zadig stores spread across Paris and one opened not too long ago in NYC. Most of their pieces are either over-priced or just plain tacky like the Cabas Carla bag (298€), that Ashley Greene is sporting above. Doesn’t this leather bag look like a cheap street purchase? To Zadig’s defense it is 100% leather, but that certainly doesn’t justify the fact that it doesn’t look like it should cost more than $75. I’m also not a fan of those wings – a little poser rocker, no?

What do you think about Ashley Greene’s bag? Snob or Slob?


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  1. I like the red version. This bag doesn’t look like any street bag that I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen far worse from mall kiosks that sell ugly knock offs.

    Of course, I would need to see it in person.

  2. The quality over quantity issue is very European – buying one expensive bag that you’ll carry forever versus a dozen cheap bags that will fall apart after one or two seasons (or so trendy that you won’t want to carry it once it’s no longer “in”). I spend a lot of time in Europe and that’s definitely the way I shop.

    However, when I think “European” and “quality,” Z&V is not what comes to mind. I’d rather pay more and get something more stylish and better quality.

  3. I wish more Americans did shop for quality: maybe if we stopped buying the cheap goods they shovel our way, we would be offered more affordable, quality goods. I don’t have a lot of money to spend and find it impossible to find goods made of quality fabrics and materials at prices I can afford. What happened to fine cottons, wools, silks, and leather shoes that don’t cost a fortune? It’s maddening.

  4. Bullocks! I’ve heard this same argument for years now–European women buy with quality in mind and American women don’t. I really don’t think one can continue on this same strain any longer. I find that American women buy with both quality and quantity in mind. One can buy 5 Chanels, yes? Quantity and quality. If we American are guilty of one thing–it is overbuying. I love my Chanel both do I really need 5? We’ve come a long way from buying inexpensive en masse. American have become more quality conscious. We just like lots of it.