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I am attending the Chanel cocktail party and a dinner with the Kaiser himself tonight– you all know how I feel about Chanel so you can imagine how excited I am right now. I’ve had a very long love affair with Chanel bags. In college, I carried my jumbo black lambskin Chanel classic flap to class– it fit a notepad, a change of clothes (Kelly & I spent the night at each other’s apartments a lot, she was always amazed how much clothes I could fit in my Chanel) and all of my cosmetic essentials. It was my very first Chanel bag and it’s been lovingly used for so long that the lambskin is now distressed (it is so much more fun to distress a bag than to buy one done for you!). Since then I’ve amassed dozens of Chanel bags and each carries with it special memories that no photo album nor journal can capture. The allure of the Chanel bag is as much in the selection of one as it is in owning one. When I look for a new Chanel, it is done with careful thought and consideration. I never ask friends for opinions because a Chanel purchase is so special, no matter if it’s your first or 50th, it should be a very personal decision.

For the Soho Boutique Exclusive bags, I’m aching for the red python (above). Red is such a powerful color and done in python, it’s a major statement but the tassles give it a playfulness that is very me. The bag also comes in gray or brown python (jump for more photos).

Size 15.5 x 26 x 10cm. Price: $4,900 at Chanel boutique in Soho.


The silver python is gorgeous with an opal sheen to the skin.


I can see Kelly in this. The brown is so rich and beautiful!

15 thoughts on “CHANEL Soho Boutique Exclusive Bags

  1. You are the reason I started collecting Chanel bags.

    Thank you for this post, for the information and for your amazing site.

  2. Tina, your statement “I never ask friends for opinions because a Chanel purchase is so special, no matter if it’s your first or 50th, it should be a very personal decision.” is SO spot on. I went for a long, long time wanting a Chanel handbag and read through countless blogs and opposing opinions. At first I didn’t want to go near a classic flap and looked toward some of the seasonal bags, then one day I walked into the Chanel boutique at NM and there she was – a maxi classic flap in the metallic grey lambskin (Spring 2010)and that became my 20th anniversary wedding present. You just know when it is special.

  3. Tina, GREAT Choice!!

  4. Love this except for the stone in the interlocked C’s.

  5. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    that is the sweetest ever. what a great tale to share with you daughters/grand daughters!


  6. OMG this bag is to die for!!! the color, the shape, the material, everything is amazing!



  7. I really like this bag, beautiful! Though I have a little problem with the tassle.

    Anyway, what do you wear during the cocktail party?

  8. Awesome bag it really stands out, kinda like you’d like. Everything rocks about it!

  9. I wore a limited edition Chanel top made of aluminum metal! Will post pictures this weekend but you can check out our twitter for photos and details now!

  10. I haven’t gasped at a bag in a long time but I think the red version just stole my heart…achingly beautiful! xoxo

  11. Carole Mather on said:

    I absolutly could kill for the red and chocolate version.


  12. I have the shivers over the red python. OH my GAWD!!

  13. ShoeQueen61' on said:

    Tremendously Beautiful!!!

  14. hi bag snob just want to say that i love, love your blog so much.

    i really really want to purchase this red or silver python bag but dont know how i can do so. Im from canada and cannot get my hand on this can you tell me how i can buy this bag please . thank you so much for your help

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