January Jones’ Prada Top Tote

The awesome thing about January Jones is that she doesn’t work with a stylist, so what she wears is a true reflexion of her taste (love it or hate it). She’s been photographed a number of times sporting Prada’s Large Frame Top Tote in black ($2,550; or you can get it in tan for $1,960 here), and I’m a big fan! It’s got a little bit of a briefcase/doctor bag feel to it, but not as pronounced as with Prada’s Saffiano & Tessuto Tote. The top handle also looks like it would be comfy to tote around and there are a number exterior and interior pockets for easy organization. It’s the gold detailing under the handles that I like best however – simple and chic!

What do you think about January Jones’ Prada tote?

4 thoughts on “January Jones’ Prada Top Tote

  1. Are you sure its the large? I had thought about the large for a manbag considering its almost 20″ in length but looking at it on January it would definitely be too small for a man!

  2. Classic! I’m not usually a big fan of Prada, but this is timeless… I’d love to see it with the attachable strap…

  3. Mamavalveeta03 on said:

    Doesn’t work with a stylist? All I can say is “Thank you, Lord, for a celebrity that is confident enough to go her own way!!!” January is adorable, stylish, not perfect (who is?) and let’s hope she stays that way.

  4. Shop Around on said:

    Beautiful bag! I was going to say that I need straps long enough to wear on my shoulder, but looking closer, I see it has a strap. Perfect!

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