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I became addicted to yoga during my monthlong trip in Asia. I started each day with a 90 minute session at Space Yoga (the best!) in Taipei and though my goal was not weight loss (it was prescribed by my chiro for my pinched nerve and backpain) I ended up losing 3 pounds in 4 weeks! By the end of my trip I was pain free and peaceful plus skinny and toned, what more could a girl ask for? Late one night (jet lagged I should add) as I googled for a local yoga studio, I discovered My Yoga Online. Unlimited yoga video access 24/7 for $9.95 a month?!?!?! There are dozens of different instructors (I clicked off a few before finding my favorites, Alix Rodrigues’ Power Yoga is top of my fave list!) who teach a variety of different yoga styles. You can try each until you find one that you want to practice. I love the convenience of this, I can do yoga from my iPad while traveling or just when I feel like I need the stretching. You must try this! They say you are only as young as your spine and nothing keeps your spine as supple and youthful as yoga! Go to here and try for yourself!

Monthly $9.95 Unlimited Video Access
Yearly $89.95 Unlimited Video Access



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