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Redken Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12

After spending hundreds coloring your hair, why risk it to damage and fading in the sun? We apply sunscreen liberally on all parts of our body, why are we skimping out on our hair? If I can extend my hair color by just one week, I would be grateful – I hate sitting in the salon! UVA/UVB rays can ruin your hair just like it does your skin. The Redken Color Extend Sun Solar Screen with SPF 12 protects your hair and scalp from sun damage and replenishes drying effect of the elements. Spray this on before you go to the beach for sure, but why not just do a quick spray every morning before heading out? It is very light and does not leave a residue but it does smell like hairspray (I wish it smelled like coconut sunscreen instead). Make sure to get the top of the head where your scalp is exposed. Available at your favorite salon or Amazon for $17.

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