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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Mulberry Spring 2011 “Must Have” Bag!


The Mulberry Spring 2011 presentation is not until 1:30pmEST time today but we got the exclusive image of their must have bag of the Spring 2011 season! No other press outlet in the world has photos or details of this bag (we were asked to sign a non-disclosure, security on bag designs are taken very seriously!) and we are so excited to share a bit of it with you before it’s introduced to the world later today. The only detail I am allowed to reveal is that this made of a new and innovative leather as Mulberry will no longer be using python skin on Mulberry bags. I am bubbling with excitement (can you tell?), the bag is trimmed in shimmering

bronze leather with leather wrapped chains, you will not be disappointed!

The actual name and full image with details/price of the bag will be revealed at 2pm today so stay tuned!

We expect this bag to induce more hysteria than the Alexa bag did last season!!!  

Image is exclusive property of Mulberry and, all violators will be prosecuted within the full extent of International law.



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  1. Tina! So nice meeting you at the Thakoon show the other day. Still reeling over our little First Class seat upgrade. Thought I’d bop along to your website. hope you’re enjoying the rest of Fashion Week!

  2. I hope that this “new” and “innovative” leather doesn’t mean that they will be charging exorbiant prices for “vegan leather” which is code speak for faux.

    I have never liked the Alexa bag so I don’t hold out much hope for this one.

  3. Not a fan, but I didn’t like the Alexa either. Yet, I am impressed with Emma Hill’s ethical and compassionate conscious and her ability to put that ahead of economic interests. For that, I will give Mulberry a second look.