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Spa Snob: Spa Chatwal by Kashwere


I am a major Spa Snob (why are you surprised?!).  Friends have tried to convince me that a massage is a massage no matter where you get it but I disagree (I will never go to any of those strip mall massage parlors no matter how cheap it is!)– I need the whole spa experience to be properly relaxed.  One of the best spa experiences I’ve ever had was at the Spa Chatwal by Kashwere at The Chatwal hotel in NYC recently.  I love being pampered and that’s exactly what I got there.  A spa concierge greeted me when I entered and led me to a beautifully appointed private vanity room where the world’s most amazingly soft robes awaited me (5 to choose from!).  Internationally renowned brand Kashwere (Oprah’s favorite!) customized the robes for the spa and they were so heavenly I was tempted to stuff them into my suitcase at checkout!  The co-branded spa is a first for Kashwere, known for creating luxury products for spas and hotels.  General Manager of The Chatwal, Joel Freyberg, requested Kashwere to help create a spa brand that would offer the luxury of Kashwere throughout the the spa.

But it was in the massage room itself where I really melted.  The Kashwere chenilla throw and the microfiber linens on the treatment table were out of this world– I’d never felt anything so soft!  Even the face cradle cover was chenilla, it was like floating on a cloud.  I got a Swedish massage and the masseuse I had was one of those people who have really warm and healing hands (don’t you hate it when you go in for a massage and the masseuse’s hands are freezing cold and they’re hoping YOUR skin will warm them up?!).  She did hurt me a bit (but I needed it what with walking around NYC in 5″ heels for a week) but when she was done I was like a limp piece of filet mignon.  My backache was gone, my calves were no longer sore and I was so relaxed I barely remembered my own name.  I even fell asleep towards the end of the massage and I really didn’t want to get off that table.  I wish they made those linens for beds cuz I’d have them on every bed in the house!

If you are in New York, you MUST try the Spa Chatwal by Kashwere.  Tell them Beauty Snob sent you!

Make a reservation here or call 212-724-6200.  130 W. 44th St. New York 



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