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Spring 2011: Thakoon Launches Bags!


A handful of ready-to-wear designers launched bag lines this season and honestly, I have not been that impressed by either Victoria Beckham (too Hermes/ Valextra, but promising start) nor Jason Wu (though they are pretty with dresses). So it was with absolutely no expectation whatsoever when I went to the Thakoon runway show yesterday to see his new bags. I love being surprised, however, and surprised me he did. While Thakoon didn’t completely re-invent the bag wheel, he did take the classic messenger shape and gave it a thoroughly modern double sided twist. The utilitarian chic white lizard and grey canvas “Liz” bag was my absolute favorite, I almost fell off my seat as the model glided down the runway with it swinging from her arm. The bags have flaps on each side that open to separate compartments, so it’s like carrying two bags in one! The “LTR” bag has a similar shape but made in sumptuous suede with leather flaps (in red, blue, white and black). I got a closer look backstage and carried each bag on my arm– they were very well made with pretty brushed rose gold hardware. I told Neiman Marcus after the show, ORDER EVERY COLOR, THEY WILL SELL OUT.

Thakoon’s freshman effort at bags gets an A++ from the Bag Snob, come spring, it will be ME skipping along the beach with the white lizard Liz bag.


The blue suede LTR bag, All American goodness!


I love red suede with white jeans… a potentially dangerous combo but oh so very chic!

7 thoughts on “Spring 2011: Thakoon Launches Bags!

  1. when will this bag be available?

  2. Did neiman order this? Where can I get this and when? Good looking bags!

  3. The red one is sick! I smell a new PS1…

  4. It would be better if Thakoon didn’t design this collection of bags…they are so banal and so uly,however his style, for the dress, is amazing!

  5. gorgeous!

  6. Oh I absolutely love the black suede and lizard ones…this will be a must have. What is the price range?

  7. Very hot bags! I instantly was drawn to the white lizard “Liz” as well. Hope Neiman Marcus listens to you!

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