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Bath Nation The Cabernet Collection

It’s a bit ironic that I’m so loving a brand called Bath Nation, because I pretty much never take baths. About 15 years ago I was in a bathtub when I spotted a waterbug on the wall in front of me and I was so traumatized by the experience that I became completely bathtub-averse! Not that waterbugs care if you’re showering or bathing, but….

I’m sure Bath Nation’s Cabernet Collection would be infinitely more enjoyable were I laying in a bathtub listening to Sade, but standing in shower as Bravo TV blasts in the other room wasn’t bad either. Now that the temperatures have dropped, I’m extending my shower time, not only because it’s cold, but because my skin is super dry and needs a lot more attention. Bath Nation’s Cabernet Collection is an awesome way to relax while tackling dry skin (I’m gaga over the smell and could lather myself till I’m beyond prune-y!). The collection includes the Cabernet Salt Rub, Cabernet Crush Bath GelĂ©e and the Cabernet Crush Red Wine & Silk Skin Conditioner. If Cabernet doesn’t appeal to you, they’ve got a ton of other awesome Fall-appropriate smells like Bourbon Vanilla and Sangria. I’m especially partial to their Bourbon Vanilla Sugar Scrub which smells delicious (oddly enough I rarely drink alcohol…the irony doesn’t stop!), and it’s great for some in-shower exfoliation.


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