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Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Kohl Eyeliner: Black Chocolate


It’s hard to find a good day time eyeliner. Black is sometimes too dark and harsh and brown just makes me look washed out. Yes I guess I could skip it altogether but I just love eyeliner and can not leave the house without at least a smidgen of it. If you have the same issues, Bobbi’s limited edition kohl eyeliner in Black Chocolate will solve all our problems! It’s the perfect blend of black and brown, you don’t look like a crazy goth person in the day and it doesn’t fade into the night, either. The formulation is also smooth as butter and will not snag or pull your eyelids when you apply. I’m utterly obsessed with this and use it daily; to the gym, to lunch, to dinner, heck, I’m using it right now as I write this! Get this asap, it’s limited edition and will most likely sell out so don’t come crying to me when it does.

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Kohl Eyeliner for $20



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  1. I’m Asian and I’ve never dyed my hair so one of my concerns when I put on mascara or eyeliner that’s not dark enough is that it looks odd to have lighter eyelashes than hair. How does this pencil fare?