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Chuckwagon Toddler Bed


I hear that Woody is the most popular costume this Halloween (my daughter is going as Jessie) so chances are, you have a bucking cowboy at home who would LOVE to sleep in this Chuckwagon bed. It is nothing short of a fantasy come true, he will feel like he is always dreaming even when he’s awake. The bed itself is meant for a toddler but the side has a changing table with storage for diapers and wipes, so start your nursery out with this and have him grow into it. Or not, the price is a bit ridiculous. At Posh Tots for $14,918.

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One thought on “Chuckwagon Toddler Bed”

  1. So I don’t see a price on this web site, are you selling the bed also? I wanted to get plans for it and make it my self. Well with help from my Dad:) I do not work and my husband is a SGT in the Army. We could never pay that price.


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