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Donna Karan ‘Metro’ Satchel


If I gave out awards for most improved bag designs, I’d hand a giant one to Donna Karan (not a bad idea, I could throw a party each year with lots of bubbly, invite all my favorite bag designers and give them awards for tempting my wallet. Who’s in?).  Best part about the simple chic design is that it’s great for men or women (thus the “Metro” name?!).  Sure it’s not the most exciting bag in the world but there is a lot to be said for the subtle details– like polished black hardware that glisten just so and pleated edges that offer structure to this softly shaped bag.  Great for the office you say?  I say great for everything. 

Donna Karan ‘Metro’ Satchel here for $1,295

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8 thoughts on “Donna Karan ‘Metro’ Satchel”

  1. The person who designed this bag must have had Balenciaga city tote as an inspiration. That being said it is not bad at all, but If I were in the mood to spend 1,000 euros, I would definitely choose the city tote over this.

  2. I have to agreen. It is quite a big improvement for Donna Karan. Very simple but great for everyday use. And yes “office” came to my mind right away.


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