Gucci Marrakech Shoulder Flap Bag


I am simply pointing out the improved collection from Gucci. Would I buy this? Probably not, but that’s because this look is not me, but if I had to be objective, I deem this bag to be pretty great. I love the fact that it maintains the Gucci look without going overboard with G’s and there is absolutely no bamboo anywhere on the bag!! I love the braiding trim that goes all the way around the flap. I also love the pocket that’s under the flap for quick access to essentials but still protected with a closure. This shoulder is your everyday bag with signatures of Gucci with the tassle and G’s on the tassle ornament for a sophisticated look that’s elegant and subtle. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2190.

2 thoughts on “Gucci Marrakech Shoulder Flap Bag

  1. Enizete Lane on said:

    breathless….so beautiful

  2. Love the detail, love the color. No wonder it’s Gucci. :)

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