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If I was cooler, I would wear these.


Designers Marithe et Francois Girbaud for spring-summer 2011 ready-to wear collection presentation in Paris.

I wear sneakers out of necessity. When I’m working out (ew), when I have a long way to walk, and when I am doing something dirty (I mean outside/nature wise, perverts). But these sneakers are a shoe of a different breed. I would not run in these, no, no of course not. Would I walk far in them? I suppose I could. I wouldn’t dare get them dirty. This, my friends, can be tricky.

The “I’m as cool as Kanye and can kick it in high top sneakers” look is a challenge for even seasoned shoe vets. The colors might make it a little easier to not look to boyish with. Still, an extreme skinny jean might be needed for fall wear or a casual jersey dress so to not look too sloppy. Don’t you dare wear a baseball cap sidewise with this though- that’s just taking it to a whole new level of “look mom- I’m gangsta!” Don’t try to play into the shoe, let the shoe play into your outfits and be a casual, contemporary and sexy addition in a laid back way, if done right.

In conclusion, if I was cooler, I would rock these bad boys.


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  1. who makes them? where can we get them? what materials and colors are they available in? this post is one big digression, not at all informational.

  2. Wow- Emma is a disgrace to this blog- She is a horrible writer, and aforementioned, not informational at all!! What a horrible post!

  3. Hey Jodi, Sarah, Anonymous and Anonymous!

    Happy Friday to you all. Below the pictures there is a tiny caption missing that should read:

    Designers Marithe et Francois Girbaud for his spring-summer 2011 ready-to wear collection presentation in Paris.

    They are (clearly)canvas and patent leather. Since they are not listed on their site for sale yet, I did not include it in the post. But here it is in-case you are looking to purchase them in the future.

    I apologize for not including in the post. I’m always looking to improve my writing so thank you for the constructive criticism!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Do you know where these are available to buy in the U.S.? I have researched everywhere, and they only have the mens collection.