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Julianne Moore in Lanvin

Lanvin E11 _05_Julianne Moore 10.25.10 London.jpglanvin_rtw_sept_2010_005_18350414941.jpg

Lanvin E11 _05_Julianne Moore 10.25.10 London side.jpgYou know you have a hit on your hands when celebrities can’t wait to wear your designs–straight off the runway. Following in the footsteps of Blake Lively, Julianne Moore snagged this blue stunner from Lanvin’s Spring 2011 runway show to wear Monday night at the London Film Festival for her new movie, “The Kids Are Alright.” But expert Couture Snobbers will immediately see that switched sides when it came to the solo draped silk sleeve; otherwise she kept the leather belt in place but did replace the tan runway flats with stunning Lucite wedge platform sandals. What do you think? While some may argue that the dress could’ve been a bit more fitted, my bigger qualm is with Julianne’s hair: it should have been pulled up in a tight chignon.

Lanvin E11 _05_Julianne Moore 10.25.10 London shoes.jpgBut back to the dress, I really like the fashion-forward vibe of the colorblocked blue. I do wish, however, that she would’ve kept the draped sleeve on the other side. The contrast looked great on the runway; it would’ve looked chic on Julianne. By keeping the sleeve on her right side, it added to the bulk of fabric on her entire right side. That loose dark blue fabric is designed to billow as you walk; but it looks best contrasted against a strong, bare arm.



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